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A Monthly Membership Devoted to the Embodiment of the Feminine Mysteries

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The Feminine has Awakened!

We lived through times where the sacred practices of women have been tucked away to only be shared through oral tradition. Now we are living in the time where the Divine Feminine is ready to be reclaimed and rejoiced throughout the public. The witch hunts are over! The times for hiding are over and we can stand visibly in our power as we shine our light through the collective.

As we open to this new era, we are the leaders in grounding in the new codes for our planet. Women hold the keys in their body to unlock the full potential for all of life around us. It is our joyful responsibility to come together as we continue to unlock healing for the collective and support in birthing the New Paradigm.

 In times where society and culture are conditioned to divide us through competitive nature and scarcity mentality, this is where we come together to do the work to undo the constructs that have held us back for too long. Here we get to CLAIM OUR LIGHT unapologetically. By stepping into our light, we empower others to do the same.

The Shakti Embodied Collective serves as an activation point. The teachings and practices will touch every aspect of you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically. These activations will ignite a life full of deeper wisdom, embodiment, and trust in surrender to the Feminine Mysteries. 

Through the Membership you Receive:

➡ Monthly Themes to open to the Feminine Mysteries

➡ Guided Journal Prompts

➡ 2 Live Zoom Sessions Each Month

➡Embodiment Practices

➡ Workshops

➡ Masterclasses

➡ Q&A’s

➡ Guided Rituals and Ceremonies

➡ Guided Meditations

➡ Exclusive Downloads

➡ Private Members Only Facebook Group

➡ First Access to Councils

➡ Exclusive Membership Discounts for Various Offerings/Classes

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In this container we are journeying as a collective, building upon the layers of the spiral. This is a Mystery School so that when we sign up to go on this journey we allow life to hand us the exact experiences we need to activate the embodied knowledge and wisdom. We come together in sisterhood to support the rise of the Sacred Feminine. In the monthly themes we focus on shadow work and light work to create harmony and balance between the polarities and dual nature of life.


Doing the personal work is foundational, and it is most important that we come together to RISE. There is no magic that can compare to women coming together to do the work. These teachings will activate you as an individual and together we heal the collective. 

$55/Monthly Subscription

Each month a theme is assigned that brings us into a layer of the Feminine Mysteries. With these themes there will be guided journal prompts to open the mind and heart. We will meet for two (1 hour) live sessions a month. One of the live sessions will be informative/cerebral: workshop, masterclass, or Q&A. The second live session will be a practice: embodiment, meditation, or breathwork. Most of the live sessions will be recorded and posted on the membership portal so you will have access to the replays. There will be a ritual or ceremony given each month to support the integration and further embody the themes. We will meet together on the Private Members Only Facebook group to share experiences, support on the path, and continue to connect as a community. As a member you will also receive exclusive discounts on certain classes hosted by Nikki Ananda.

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This Collective is my passion project! I want to make this work accessible to women. I want to make community accessible to women. Through holding this container it is my honor to create a space to inspire activation and empowerment throughout every facet of your life.

Hi, sister! My name is Nikki Ananda and I am a devoted priestess on the path of the Sacred Feminine. My first spiritual awakenings happened abruptly when I was a teenager and it wasn’t until my mid 20’s when I found women’s circles that my healing truly begun.


I have been called to the path of the Divine Feminine and initiated through various lineages to continue to teach and activate this wisdom for the healing of the collective. It is my mission to empower women to come together, balance shadow work and light work, while activating womb attunements and sexual reclamation to align each woman with her sovereign power. It is my deepest honor and service to support people on the path of awakening their gifts and coming into their fullest embodiment. Holding this container for women to come together to do the work is one of my greatest joys.

This program is for you if:

  • You are excited about the path of the Sacred Feminine
  • You are inspired by sisterhood
  • You desire to be connected in community
  • You love doing the personal work
  • You desire to be involved in the collective movement of the rising of the Divine Feminine
  • You challenge the constructs and systems in place and are ready to create something new
  • You want to fill your toolbox and skillset to empower your journey
  • You are ready to embrace radical self love and self acceptance
  • You are ready to CLAIM YOUR LIGHT and show up unapologetically 
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We are in a time where the planet is upgrading it’s consciousness and so is all life on it. It is our responsibility to be doing not only our personal work, but coming together in community to help raise the collective.

The Sacred Feminine has been tucked away for millennia and now she is rising to restore balance and harmony through all life. It is time to rise together and reclaim our fullest selves, our autonomy, our bodies, our shadows, and our light.

It is time to embrace life rich with radical self love, self acceptance, and self awareness.

Come together and rise in sisterhood as we heal the mother wounds, sister wounds, and the witch wounds that have kept us divided and dimming our lights for too long.

$55/Monthly Subscription

If you are ready to deeply embrace your Sacred Feminine and journey deeper on the path of the mysteries, come join us in the Shakti Embodied Collective.

Empower your inner alchemy to awaken your mind, heart, and body to these Shakti Codes!